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It was about 30 years ago, year 1984, when I first encountered Tower Cranes. The mechanism and the telescoping system of the machine aroused curiosity in me. The quest for the answer to my questions in mind, can be considered a turning point in my professional life. Gradually, I managed to expand my understanding of tower cranes by consulting the experienced professionals in the field, providing sales and after-sales services, attending training courses held by accredited manufacturers both in and out of the country like Potain in France, and ultimately I established the company Faragardan in 1984, in order to responsibly provide professional and technical support to the demanding construction market in Iran.
Today, after thirty years, by enjoying a considerable expertise in tower cranes industry, we are honored with our history of importing and introducing over 600 tower cranes in various ranges of capacities to the demanding construction market in our country, together with consulting projects for the purpose of addressing the best location and the optimum choice of capacity, plus extensive sales and after-sales services, providing timely spare parts support, all in accordance with engineering standards worldwide.
Searching the world market for the purpose of locating heavy-duty cranes like MD900 and MD1000 with a capacity equal to 50 tons, for the project of Seimare Dam run by Perlit Company, promoting the quality and upgrading the average age of tower cranes, and introducing new models and types to the domestic market, are part of what Faragardan Co. is  proud of and claim to have pioneered in tower cranes industry.
Attending seminars and technical courses and receiving inspection and standard certificates issued by reputable domestic and international educational sources, like DSL in The UK, and Potain training center in La Clayette in France, and also certificates issued by Iran Society of Industry Quality Control (ISIQC), visiting Construction Fairs like Bauma in Germany, China and South Africa, Saie in Italy, Intermat in France and inspecting the production line of over 20 tower crane manufactures in Asia and Europe, are part of the wide scope of activities of Faragardan company in this field.
Professionalism, Commitment, Honesty , Customer Care and Support are the major ethical principles which have been settled and crystallized by the founder and CEO of Faragardan Company, hence all the personnel of the company in every department.
The numerous crane accidents which caused casualties and loss, owing to the age and quality of the machines, and also lack of proper knowledge in service providers of tower cranes, necessitates introduction of high quality brand new fleet of cranes plus organized training courses and after-sales services in order to revolutionize the crane market in Iran.
In quest for this and after a thorough study of all the producers and productions available in the world market, and considering the technical and financial measures for the domestic market in Iran, Faragardan Company introduced and offered GJJ brand as the sale agent providing sales and after-sales services for hoisting lifts, which is similar to Swedish Alimak in technicalities and mechanisms.

Mojtaba Ghanaati Fard
Managing Director